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athira holidays welcomes you to India, once considered the land of the mystics and yogis! India has lots to offer to any tourist- be it her timeless temples or her bewitching beaches. She is a charmer of sorts as those who come once are sure to come again for more! This magical land has lots to offer, or better said: she has it all!.

Through the website, we will be able to only give you glimpses of what Incredible India has to offer. As they say, seeing is believing!

Visit south India with us!

We organise tours in south India with a focus on cultural immersion, eco tourist and bird watchers' safaris and more. Visit the golden sand beaches of Kovalam or Marari and forget all about pollution. Be amazed by our wild mega fauna- asiatic elephant; explore pristine beaches; take a cultural tour that will immerse you into booming south Indian villages.


Try this new service that finds you the perfect cost-friendly stay

With the changing perspective of work and globalization, employees are more free to enjoy the comforts of their home. Direct hotel bookings, however, can be difficult when you want to travel but receive a “no availability” response from booking sites and aggregators. Our service strives to negate that feeling of abandonment by giving customers access to the widest range of hotels without having to spend a lifetime in complete depravity. The simple idea of a tailor-made service by us would be great way to travel.


Become part of our neighbourhood

When in a foreign land, the hindrance we may face most is language! We may not get the most out of an experience simply because we can’t talk to a local the way we want to! The best possible way out of this is to have a friend talk to us in our language, someone who can put across our thoughts the way we perceive it to the local. We have many guides & escorts who speak various languages like, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, to name a few, and who are experienced enough to make you feel utmost comfortable and ‘at home’ when here.


Houseboats - Living the good life!

Have you ever dreamt of cruising through the waters, detached from land and all strings attached ? Assume floating on a huge country boat and travelling through neat waterways where you enjoy scenes from everyday life of the village folk living on either side of the banks. These huge boats or kettuvallams, as they are referred to in Malayalam, served as carriers of rice and spices during olden times. Some clever mind turned these cargo boats to passenger boats thus keeping them intact even today!

Image by mishab myladan

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We are athira holidays, your partner in trips to south India

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