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Athira Holidays

You can trust us with your travel

200k+ travellers, a million kms, 30 years

Athira Holidays, is a trusted name in the Indian tourism industry. Trust, safety, and transparency form the keel of our services spanning 28 years and over 200K travelers.

Local Expert Guides

Join us and you'll have a chance to immerse yourself in the culture and history of this fascinating country. Our guides will introduce you to monuments, temples, and culture that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. We have a unique expertise on the country's intricate social dynamics. You'll get the chance to explore Indian society, from the perspective of a local.

Trust us to find your perfect accommodation

Athira Holidays specialises in providing travelers with the best of everything. We assure you of a great stay at resorts/hotels/home stays that have been carefully selected through our extensive network and learnings from our experience in the industry.


Over 2500 houseboats float on the Vembanad lake. Each has its own exclusive services. We know in the blink of an eye which one of these can provide just what you have asked for. Hence, ensuring a pleasant and memorable stay.

We deliver what we promise.


Run by a team of veterans from the tourism industry, Athira Holidays has a well-connected network of professional service providers. These include polyglot guides, committed drivers and a vast array of highly rated resorts, hotels, houseboats and home-stays. Our most acclaimed feature is the managing team that is always just a call away.

 We are members of IATO – Indian Association of Tour Operators, ADTOI – Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India and the KTM – Kerala Travel Mart.